Ed Sheeran- on spotify royalties


Spotify has been criticized in the past from artist such as the black keys for the size of the royalties that musicians are paid for streams of their songs.

Ed Sheeren was once given a cheque for £4 but is in support of artist using music streaming services such as Spotify as they give artists the opportunities to get there music out there to new audiences and also attract more fans that may attend his concerts.

“I’m in the music industry to play live. That’s why I make records, that’s why i do radio interviews, that’s why i do Amazon events, that’s why I put things on Spotify. having recorded music is fantastic, but playing live is where I buzz the most,” he said.

he recently released his album X which was streamed 26 million times in the first week on Spotify and he believes that by streaming his songs he will gain more fans as it is more accessible for more people.

Although some artists may not believe in thew streaming services as they believe they will loose out on sales and money. Ed Sheerens points about gaining fans is a valid point of view as he is more likely yo get people who has never really been a fan before will listen to his music.



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