Beyonce- dyers star theory

Formation is one of the tracks on beyonces sixth studio album “lemonade”2016.  It was the albums lead single released on February 6, 2016. Beyonce won various awards for formation in 2016 and some in 2017 some of these awards include a Grammy, mtv music award and BET award. The music video has references to hurricane Katrina, police brutality and and black pride.

  • during beyonces formation video she is shown laying on top of a sinking police car which people are criticizing her for being anti police. Which she responds saying ‘Anyone Who Perceives My Message As Anti-Police Is Completely Mistaken’

beyonce conforms to dyers star theory as beyonce has a massive fan base and can influence her fans on certain things such as style. she can also change peoples views about feminism as she believes women shouldn’t be controlled by men and that they should be independent.


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