Beyonce participatory theory

cover by Todrick Hall Todrick Hall covers other artists in mashups where he harmonizes with him self whist mixing the songs together. he also creates his own music and has his own tour. by covering beyonces hits it is good for him because he will gain views of beyonces fans as well as his own […]

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Beyonce- dyers star theory

Formation is one of the tracks on beyonces sixth studio album “lemonade”2016.  It was the albums lead single released on February 6, 2016. Beyonce won various awards for formation in 2016 and some in 2017 some of these awards include a Grammy, mtv music award and BET award. The music video has references to hurricane […]

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Ed Sheeran- on spotify royalties

Spotify has been criticized in the past from artist such as the black keys for the size of the royalties that musicians are paid for streams of their songs.

Ed Sheeren was once given a cheque for £4 but is in support of artist using music streaming services such as Spotify as they give artists the opportunities to get there music out there to new audiences and also attract more fans that may attend his concerts.

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